Covid-19 Policy

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Covid-19 Vaccination Policy

Covid-19 is a serious health concern for our team. As field technicians we enter many client’s homes as well as suppliers daily. This creates situations where we need to go above and beyond in the precautions that we take for ourselves, our families, our team, and the clients we serve. This needs to be done in a professional and respectful way.

This policy is applying to all field technicians

September 28th, 2021

We trust our technicians will make a conscientious and informed decision about their personal health, their family’s health, and how it impacts the health and safety our clients and our suppliers.In Saskatchewan as of September 17th, 2021 Covid-19 vaccination and booster shots are not required in our industry. Masks however, are required in all indoor spaces. This policy will be updated at the direction of theSaskatchewan government.

Masks that fully cover nose and mouth are required in each client’s home.

Foot coverings are required to prevent spread of contaminants from clients’ homes as well as our own. If disposable foot coverings are not a comfortable option, we will purchase washable coverings for technicians to use and clean. Floor coverings need to be placed in work areas where material is being installed and then removed from our client’s homes.

All high touch surfaces need to be cleaned and sanitized using medical grade bleach wipes and/or cleaners at each of our client’s homes. This includes doorknobs and light switch covers.

An employee may elect to refuse vaccination and will not be disciplined for this decision.

It is against the law for our clients to ask for a technician’s vaccination status. As well, it is against the law to ask a client about their vaccination status.

Our technicians carry a document that will direct our clients to our safety policy and procedures. They also have a standard form that will need to be read, filled, and signed by all clients prior to staff entering their premises.

Due to the nature of our work, and the level of risk to exposure that we face in closed environments, Leah the Plumber will provide regular Covid-19 rapid tests for all technicians. This will create a proactive approach to mitigate and identify potential outbreaks within our workforce.  

Technicians will be required to watch a training video on how to perform these tests and will carry out the test on themselve severy Monday and Thursday. A record log will need to be signed off that a test has been completed.

Each technician is asked to report a positive test result and to proceed to the following steps below for further assistance. All staff can take one box of test kits home to perform the tests as well as test kits will be at the shop for use as well. The use of test kits for family members is encouraged if the technician feels comfortable performing the tests. Leah the Plumber takes no responsibility or liability in the test results of staff family members.

The technician will be required to complete aPCR testing to confirm rapid test results and will follow the SHA requirements for isolation based on vaccination. The technician is required to notify Leah the Plumber immediately of the results and the required time to isolate.

PCR testing is available at no cost at specific SHA testing facilities. Please go to SHA website to find appropriate locations.

Each Employee will be paid for the workday the positive test result on the rapid test was recorded. It is expected that each employee than completes the PCR test required by SHA.

Leah the plumber has the option to buy next PCR test recognized by the SHA. This will provide test results within 1 business day.

If a positive test result is confirmed by PCR test the employee will need to self-isolate for the determined time as directed by the SHA. As well Leah the Plumber will contact our clients and technicians who are considered close contacts and ask them to self-monitor.

Employees are welcome to return to work when they have completed the required isolation period and can provide a negative PCR test.